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Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit Beaches nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Western Sierra Madre Mountains, a stunning treasure awaits you -- Riviera Nayarit, Mexico’s fabulous new vacation paradise!

The Riviera Nayarit also known as Nuevo Vallarta provides predominately sub-humid climate and an annual average temperature of 77 ºF. Ninety percent of the year you can enjoy bright rays of sunshine, creating the ideal environment for the growth of exuberant flora that take on intense colorful hues and beautifully paint the land. During the sunny dry season, from November to May, daytime temperatures average 80˚ to 85 ºF and there is virtually no rain. At night, the temperature drops 55˚ to 65 ºF, which is ideal for sleeping, but you may want to pack a shawl or light jacket. The hotter, humid rainy season lasts from June to October.

Nestled between the Sierra Madre and stunning blue Pacific Ocean waters, the Riviera Nayarit is one of Mexico's most attractive new tourist destinations for your wedding. The entire area is an expansive 192 mile stretch of coastline, backed by jungle, mountains, and facing offshore islands. There is plenty of remote back-country and secluded beaches to admire.

At Riviera Nayarit you'll discover a rich culture, amazing people, and all the incredible activities and adventures just waiting to be explored. Things to do in Riviera Nayarit include; Renowned water activities such as deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing near Sayulita for surf points and reef breaks. For adventure there's ATV, canopy zip line tours, 4x4 off-road adventure tours, horseback riding, or ecological tours including baby sea turtle release, rappelling natural waterfalls, bird watching tours, whale watching tours and more. You'll also find Championship golf including courses designed by Nicklaus, Norman, Von Hagge, or shopping for her, to find authentic local treasures including Mexican handicrafts and clothing.

To satisfy your culinary appetite, there’s an abundance of fine dining restaurants that offer international and authentic dishes from the area. You might also want to consider planning a destination spa vacation at one of Nayarit’s many resort hotels and spas, a honeymoon for endless romance and the perfect beach to tie the knot.

The Huichol Indians are the most famous ethnic group within the region; they are characterized by their stunning clothing, hats adorned with feathers and their colorful handcrafts, such as masks and animal figurines made of beads, pictures, purses and jewelry.

What to visit nearby during a Mexico wedding in Puerto Vallarta; downtown Puerto Vallarta is only 15 to 35 minutes away from most resorts. Take a tour to Isla Isabel, do some bird sighting in Singayta, surf at Matanchen’s bay, visit the ruins of the San Basilio fort, explore Mexcaltitlan Island and visit the archeological site named Los Toriles.

About the nightlife, with easy access to Puerto Vallarta, after a delicious meal in Riviera Nayarit restaurants and pubs will find their way to downtown Vallarta.

Riviera Nayarit tourist arrives at Puerto Vallarta International airport only 10 minutes north.