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In the golden Mexican Pacific coast, you'll find Mazanillo, a unique and distinguished town between two large bay's in the Pacific.

Manzanillo’s geographic location provides stunning landscapes, amazing sunsets, exotic beautiful beaches shaded with golden sands, grand panoramic views of the bay and sunny days with temperatures above 71. °F. This and more make Manzanillo’s beaches a very attractive tourism destination.

Manzanillo is located between two of the biggest bays in the Pacific ocean, Santiago’s Bay and Manzanillo’s Bay. These two bays are separated in two by the Santiago peninsula. Because of their similarities, they’re known as the twin bays. For sophistication on a destination wedding Isla Navidad is a true heaven on earth ideal for relaxation, amazing golf courses, beautiful marinas with a peaceful lagoon.

The centro historico (historic center) of Manzanillo is a great place to explore, with many walkways its easy to tour the city by walking. The main plaza overlooks the bay and offers local bars, restaurants and boutiques. There are also some magnificent fish palapas along the shoreline. Manzanillo's hotel zone, about five miles north of the downtown region, is the place you'll discover the best shoreline beaches, luxury resorts, and world class golf courses.

Manzanillo has been named the "Sailfish Capital of the World," and marlin, sailfish and other are plentiful in the waters. Every year the town has universal angling competitions that pull in games angler from around the globe. Notwithstanding angling, guests to Manzanillo shoreline can share in an assortment of oceanic games including swimming, snorkeling, scuba and surfing at the close-by shoreline in Cuyutlán. Manzanillo shoreline is additionally home to two championship golf courses.

You'll find a few famous neighborhood dishes on the menus at Manzanillo eateries, including the area's signature dish, Colima ceviche. While in Manzanillo beaches you'll additionally have the chance to test neighborhood desserts and beverages one of a kind to this area, including agua de tuba, a nearby claim to fame produced using the juice of the coconut palms and tejuino, a matured corn drink.

There are various attractions in the district encompassing Manzanillo. Travel a short distance inland to visit the capital city of Colima for touring in this memorable and socially rich city and experience the local cuisine. Adjacent the enchantment town of Comala is home to one of the top attractions in the area, the Nogueras Hacienda and Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo Museum. Nature sweethearts inspired by ecotourism can visit the close-by national park and biosphere reserve.

At Manzanillo, you will find diverse night clubs that will allow you to have a pleasant night, full of fun and good vibes. Roam each one, where you will enjoy a magnificent atmosphere and, above all, the best music of the moment.

Manzanillo’s International Airport (ZLO) serves the town of Manzanillo, the state of Colima and part of the state of Jalisco, in Mexico. The destination provides some international flights, mainly to the U. S. and Canada, and connections from all international destinations are easily made through Mexico city. Read useful mexico weddings information on our blog.