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Karisma Brides Destination Weddings Dress Rehearsal

Brides dress rehearsal
destination wedding planning.

Experience a new standard in destination weddings when you visit El Dorado Spa Resorts and Hotels, Azul Hotels and Generations at Karisma exclusive Brides Dress Rehearsal. You will begin to see your vision come to life in the actual spot where you will pledge your love.

We are so confident in our product and services we invite you to travel and attend Karisma Hotel & Resorts Brides Dress Rehearsal 3 nights for Two / $399*. Picture yourself in every detail as you view all of the options that will make your wedding as unique and unforgettable as both of you! Make vital decisions in the very same place you will say "I Do".

  • Personally visit the resorts and wedding locations.
  • See your vision start to come to life as you view chic décor and signature accents.
  • Meet photographers, florists, and your on-site wedding team.
  • Sample chef inspired menus, wedding cakes, signature cocktails and wine pairings.
Leave the Brides Dress Rehearsal with special offers and peace of mind knowing your day will be nothing short of spectacular!
3 nights for 
Two / $399*
Jun 5-8, Jul 17-20, Aug 7-10, Sep 11-14, Nov 6-9

Experience saying I do in Paradise

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