Tying the Knot on a Mexico Destination Wedding

Tying the knot in Mexico is romantic, dreamy, so very accessible. With an average 4 night stay, and an average of 25% of destination weddings from US taking place in Mexico, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider a wedding in Mexico.

Reasons for couples? Here they will make their nuptials an unforgettable experience for themselves and for their guests. They'll combine a vacation, wedding, honeymoon and more in one shot. "The feedback we get from past destination wedding travelers to Mexico has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the vast majority of wedding group request are from an attendee whom experience a beautiful destination wedding and returns only to request a wedding at the same location,” says Teresa Stauring v.p. of Vacations For Less, Inc.

The cost-effectiveness of ceremonies in Mexico, adds AMResorts romance product manager Ms. Davis, lets couples enhance their special day. "This allows couples to add these unique touches or other 'wow' factors, like a bonfire on the beach or fireworks display, that they may not have had the opportunity to include had they not selected a destination wedding." Despite the perk of saving money when choosing a destination wedding in Mexico, many couples are choosing to fine-tune their experience by adding more splendor. "Many people use destination weddings as a way of saving money, but couples are now definitely incorporating more sophistication. I see that a lot when talking to hotels and wedding planners—events are becoming more sophisticated," says D. Delgado, wedding specialist at Vacations For Less.

This increase in spending by choice—also applies to weddings of older or previously married couples. Of course, the love with the all-inclusive concept continues to cross over into destination weddings with more refinement than ever before, in the form of luxurious and unique wedding packages. "Even if they end up not using them, they're a great base for couples to know what they can do for their wedding," she adds. It's important that brides and grooms develop a solid relationship with an destination weddings operator, says Teresa. A bride might approach the hotel directly but then find herself overwhelmed with the issue of arranging flights and other logistics. This is where a professional destination weddings operator can put it all together for couples and iron out all the details. Those details, in fact, are what make the wedding unique to each bride and groom, and so many couples discover that Mexico provides the ready-made basis for their special wedding day.

They'll find that pristine beach, centuries-old church or archaeological site in which to profess their love for each other, always with an army of wedding planners, suppliers and event experts at hand to help them each step of the way. They might want to dance the night away in a fun-filled nightclub in Acapulco, wait for sunrise in jungle-clad shorelines or hold an intimate reception in a historic courtyard in Morelia as bougainvillea blooms around them. Lucky for them, when choosing Mexico for a travel destination wedding, they have an infinite variety of dream locations from which to select.

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