Thinking about Having a Destination Wedding?

Running off to get married to a distant location was synonymous with what was known in the past as eloping; traveling away to marry with no family approval. Today however destination weddings in distant locations look very different, and are now synonymous with all-inclusive resorts, family wedding vacations, and stunning beaches and scenic wedding backdrops to tie the knot.

A wedding in a destination gives you the flexibility to choose; having a private ceremony just for the two of you, an intimate family and friends wedding group, or inviting a large wedding group consisting of all your loved ones plus anyone else you wish to impress on your wedding day.

Here are top 5 reasons why destination weddings rule.
1. Destination weddings are relatively new popular option among couples, one reason is that they are nearly guaranteed to be easier to plan than a traditional wedding. Besides being simpler, couples usually benefit from experienced professional wedding coordinators whom are on-site at the resorts. Couples also benefit from amazing and complete wedding packages (photographers, cake, tables, arrangements, etc.) offered by the resorts, some even complimentary or with amazing benefits and incentives; Palace Resorts offers 1 complimentary room for every 10 booked, to give an example.

2. “They’re affordable,” says Teresa Stauring, President of Vacations For Less, from Beverly Hills California. For example, a couple can getaway to an all-inclusive hotel in the Riviera Maya, say “I do,” and enjoy vacation stay 4 to 7 days for only a few thousand dollars, including accommodations, drinks, meals, and entertainment. Not the mention honeymoon; couple already in a stunning destination traditionally add a few extra days for romance. Most extend their stay in their hotels, and other upgrade to more luxurious accommodations. Compare this with a traditional wedding- with an average guest of 100 plus wedding guests costing approximately $28,000, which many times blows-up to over $90,000 in large cities- not to mention the honeymoon.

3. Tradition; while traveling to get married may seam out-of-the-box, today’s resorts understand the values of cultural and religious traditions. Several resorts provide religious weddings- some with chapel on-site, other properties are also very familiar with South Asian weddings, providing rich and colorful traditional ceremonies. Brides and grooms are looking for a unique experience, and while some resort wedding packages may seam a bit cookie-cutter, with the options to customize, every wedding day can be made truly unique.

4. You’ve done the “dog and pony show” before? destination weddings are ideal for second marriages. If bride or groom were married before, having the simplicity the next time around is usually desired and appreciated. Couples with children from previous marriage, benefit from family-friendly all-inclusive resorts, with fun filled activities and opportunities of bonding with new or not so new family members.

5. The top reason for loving a wedding abroad by couples, says Teresa, “they love quality time spent with loved ones,” when else can you spend several days vacationing at the same time with friends and family? A destination-wedding-is-your-chance.

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