Finding the Best Wedding Planner in Mexico

Why do I need a wedding coordinator in Mexico?

Whether working with a resorts on site wedding department  (most beach resort have a wedding department), or contracting a professional wedding planner from your destination of choice – contact us for referrals of wedding planners in Mexico. You’ll need a wedding planner for the go-to-person on the day of your wedding for all wedding vendors, staff, guests, family and of course the happy bride and groom. 

When planning a destination wedding, finding the perfect support locally is a must. You may learn some resorts will only allow vendors of their choosing, while other resorts may have no restrictions at all. Ask yourself, will I be happy with one of the resorts destination wedding packages or do I want a different experience? Answering this question will likely dictate what type of wedding coordinator you want to work with – a hotel wedding department or a professional wedding planner or perhaps both. What ever your choice will be we can help with your decision. 

While everyone says their the “best wedding planner in Mexico,” finding a professional with several weddings under their belt will dictate most of the time if they’ll be able to remedy any situation that may arise (and no matter how well things are planned situations always arise). A wedding planner will be there to organize the day, make sure all appointments and transportation needs are met, coordinate the wedding guests, and there to provide support and guidance needed for a stress-free-wedding.

Why do I need a wedding planner if there is already a weddings department at the hotel?

A professional wedding planner will provide the wedding couple – you, with a personalized destination wedding consulting service, attending to your needs. They’ll work as your personal contact between you and the on-site-hotel facility coordinator.  Providing you with updates and answering questions in a timely fashion. Many on-site hotel coordinators work full time attending hotel operations, and can at times be hosting two, three or some resorts up to five events in one day. A wedding planner will give you dedicated support for your wedding. 

Do we offer destination wedding planner services?

We are a travel operator and will handle all travel logistics for your wedding group – we do not offer wedding planner services. We can provide you with best advice to our knowledge on hotel venues, wedding planners, and on-site wedding coordinators whom we know to have done a great job for our clients – you simply only need to fill our our contact us form or give us a call to obtain more information. 

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